Ninth Grade - Social Studies



Not MY Identity

Financial and Economic Concepts: Identity Fraud and ID

Geography for Life – Social Studies

Standard 1: Students will understand the world in spatial terms

Objective 1: Use maps and other geographic tools to acquire information from a spatial perspective.

Time: 30 Minutes
Materials: Video (computer/projector with Internet access or student lab), handouts

*Hand outs will need to be printed out before class.


Prevent Identity Theft Ring Prevent Identity Theft Ring

Using the U.S. Department of Justice website, discuss with the students what identity theft is. Have them come up with ways their identity could be stolen. Print off the U.S. states by population density with a geographical map of the country. Then hand out the statistics of identity theft states.

Ask the students the following questions:

  1. Is there a correlation between population density of the U.S. and identity theft statistics?
  2. Are identity theft statistics tied to population density?
  3. Have students study and compare tables and draw conclusions.

Activity 1: Have the students identify the steps which should be taken when a person’s identity is stolen.

Activity 2: Identity theft happens all over the world. Have your students research and identify a world wide potential identity theft scam. Some of these scams are listed on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. Have them locate on a map, areas where identity theft scams are currently being run.  Example: A student may find a scam where the person is based in Nigeria who calls Florida to receive an elderly women's bank account information.

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Safe Online Shopping

Financial and Economic Concepts: Identify Theft

U. S. History II – Social Studies

Standard 10: The students will understand the economic and political changes in contemporary America.

Objective 1: Analyze the economy of the contemporary United States.

Time: 10 Minutes
Materials: Video (computer/projector with Internet access or student lab)

After viewing the video, discuss with your class how online commerce has influenced the United States as a world power.

Safe Online Shopping Safe Online Shopping