The partners listed below are actively involved in promoting financial literacy education for Utah youth.

America First Fundamentals

When it comes to finances, education is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your metaphorical tool belt. And at America First, we believe that informed individuals make for stronger communities. Therefore, we present to you: FUNDamentals. This portal features over 50 K-12 lessons intended to help educators teach their students good financial habits in an entertaining way.

Cyprus Credit Unions

Empower your future with Cyprus Credit Unions financial literacy resources designed for teens and up! Learn to budget, save, and so much more with easy-to-follow animated videos, guides, and interactive tools. Start your journey to financial independence today!


Fidelity provides tips and insights you need to teach teens smart money habits. Discover the many resources to help set teens up for success such as Money 101 topics and Women Talk Money: A teen girl learning series.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement activities bring financial literacy, entrepreneurship & work-readiness concepts to life for students. Designed to complement the lessons you're teaching, our programs encourage students to apply their learning in the classroom to real-world activities. Our self-guided programs show students the "why" behind what they're learning while offering them a window into the many possible careers for their bright futures.


my529 is Utah’s official 529 educational savings plan. my529 has been helping families across the United States invest for higher education for more than 25 years. my529 funds may be used for qualified education expenses, which includes tuition, fees, books and supplies as well as K-12 tuition expenses, qualified education loan repayments and registered apprenticeships (up to certain limits).

Utah Treasurer

The Utah Office of State Treasurer oversees the Utah Council on Financial and Economic Education (UCFEE), organizes the Utah Treasurer's Investment Challenge for students in grades 4-12, and hosts the annual Utah Women in the Money Conference. It also reviews and revises the General Financial Literacy curriculum. Established by SCR 3 in 2009 and chaired by Treasurer Oaks, UCFEE promotes financial and economic education in Utah through public and private collaboration. Teachers can participate in the Investment Challenge for free, and community members can find resources and get involved via the State Treasurer’s website.


Personal Finance Simulation is the ONLY simulation that lets students practice decision-based learning, make real-world financial choices, go beyond theory, and experience in-class consequences. Finance Simulation uses decision-theory learning to teach students the basic principles of financial literacy in an effective and straightforward way.

Utah Education Network

The Utah Education Network (UEN) provides high-speed internet and educational resources to schools, higher education, libraries and community partners throughout Utah. Its network connects these organizations to digital tools like eMedia, a digital library of multimedia resources that enhance learning and teaching experiences statewide. Through its innovative services and partnerships, UEN advances educational opportunities and fosters a connected learning community in Utah. UEN is also providing website design, hosting and maintenance along with eMedia storage for the FITC lesson plans..

Utah Jump$tart Coalition

The Utah Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy website and toolkit have lots of easy-to-understand resources to help educators! Here you can find interactive tools, articles, and guides that cover important topics to help teach your students to make smart financial choices! See also our monthly webinars and teachers trainings.