State-mandated Assessment

Pursuant to State Code 53E-3-505, it is mandatory for all school districts or charter schools to administer the online, end-of-course assessment to students enrolled in the general financial literacy course. The assessment will be proctored via YouScience. Below are the guidelines for registering as a proctor for the exam, as well as the procedures for student access and completion of the assessment.For additional information, visit the Utah Brightpath Guide in the YouScience Help Center.


TEACHERS: Proctoring an exam

To get started, log in at (everyone, including students, enters here). Review these helpful articles and videos on the processes for proctoring an exam in the new Brightpath experience.

If you catch a student cheating, stop testing immediately and contact YouScience to have the student’s test suspended.

Exam day tip: If your role is ADMIN or STAFF, you can check to see if a student has an account and reset a password. If the student is not on the user list, they need to “create an account” on the sign-in page.


STUDENTS: Taking an exam

Log in at View the student experience tutorial in the Help Center.


Printing certificates and viewing student exam history

YouScience is working to connect historical certifications to students' YouScience accounts. Here are 3 ways you can access that information right now:

  1. Print Certificates and view Student Exam History in the student account (most likely only 23/24 certifications will appear using this option).
  2. Print student exam history and results from the student report (you can print the results page as documentation of a successful certification, you will need to print results for each exam).
  3. Complete this form and YouScience will email you the past certification(s) within one business day.


YouScience Support Team

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