Volunteer/Mentor Opportunities

Business, Community, Religious, Youth and other groups are encouraged to participate in the following ways:

Finding opportunities early, often and consistently to teach children about money will provide the greatest advantage for financial stability as they grow and mature.  Below are specific opportunites to volunteer for:

Financial Professional

If you are a financial professional interested in volunteering in a classroom to be a guest speaker, provide resources, or have a booth at an event you can sign up through the Utah Office of State Treasurer. A list of potential volunteers made available to teachers.

Parents & Community Members

Get involved with Junior Achievement (JA) and help students see brighter futures and equip them with the skills to make success their reality. There are two ways to volunteer:

Volunteering at JA City helps provide immersive, hands-on experiences in simulated cities where students apply their knowledge in a dynamic, practical environment. This usually involves a one-day commitment where volunteers engage with students in a real-world setting, offering guidance and support as students take on various roles within the JA City simulation.

Volunteering with JA In-Class Programs allows students to receive a variety of age-appropriate curricula delivered by volunteers directly in the classroom. These programs cover three main areas: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness. Each program is designed to align with school standards and is flexible to meet the needs students from elementary through high school.


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