Guest Speakers & Mentors

The following is a list of finance-related guest speakers or mentors availble to present in your classroom. We also recommend reaching out to your local finance related businesses and/or organizations.

ABLE Utah /Utah Work Incentive Planning Services

Voluntary Services Offered: Guest speakers, booths, events
Contact Name: Jolene Wyler
Phone: 801-887-9393

Cyprus Credit Union

Voluntary Services Offered: Guest speakers, events
Contact Name: Amanda Morton
Phone: 520-250-9592


Voluntary Services Offered: Resources
Contact Name: Marketing

USU Extension Empowering Financial Wellness

Voluntary Services Offered: Guest speakers, booths, events
Contact Name: Amanda Christensen, AFC
Phone: 801-829-3472

Utah Association of CPAs

Voluntary Services Offered: Guest speakers & events
Contact Name: Susan Speirs
Phone: 801-834-6635

Utah Housing Corporation

Voluntary Services Offered: Guest speakers, booths/events
Contact Name: Deon Spilker & Reyce Knutson
Phone: 801-902-8256 or 801-902-8387


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