Scope and Sequence

The Utah Financial and Economic Literacy Program is designed to help students become "financially fit" in today's world. This page contains an overview of the topics of instruction designated by Utah Legislation (Senate Bill 2, 2008 (pdf), 53A-13-110, page 17), for each grade level, including topics addressed in the required General Financial Literacy course for 11-12 grades.

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  K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-12
Culture, Value, Economics                        

The Market System


The Fiscal System


The Social Science of Scarcity


Opportunity Cost


Capitalism vs. Socialism


Scarcity, Supply & Demand


Culture and Values


Wants vs. Needs


I Honestly Don't Know What This Means or Coins ... Collectibles ... Pneumatics?

The Money You Earn                        

Career Management


The High Cost of Living



The Money You Spend                        

Where Did it Go & Why?


The High Cost of Debt


Protect Your Stuff!


The Only Certainty is Death and Taxes


Charity: Sharing is Caring


E-Commerce & You 5 9


E-Commerce & You Part II 9 12


Bankruptcy Costs & Consequences

The Money You Keep                        

How I Make Money with Money


Savings and the Banking System


Invest for the Long Run


Investing and Gambling...Not the Same Thing