Kindergarten Passport

Kindergarten Passport Printable Passport

Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult assistance at home or in your community.

Wants and Needs:

  • Have student compose a list of possible gift items they would like to receive for a birthday or holiday.  Then have them label each item on the list as a want or a need.

Career Management/Earning an Income: 

  • While driving around town, talk your child about the different career options available.  For example, “Look, there is the veterinarian’s office.  Do you know what a veterinarian is?  Who do we know that might like being a veterinarian?”  Have them help you identify other careers in their day to day lives.

Coin Recognition:

  • Allow children to collect change from around the house.  Have them sort it into piles according to value.  Each time they place a coin in the pile, have them say the name of the coin.
  • On three separate family shopping trips, help your child analyze the change given by the cashier. Together identify the coins and their values. Determine whether the change will be used for saving or spending.

Addtional Activities: