How can parents be involved?

Finding opportunities early, often and consistently to teach children about money will provide the greatest advantage for financial stability as they grow and mature.  Children learn about money from many sources, but multiple studies have shown that parental modeling has the greatest influence.

The Passport program provides an opportunity for direct parent/guardian involvement.  In order to receive the Financial and Economic Education Passport Certificate, students must complete an at-home activity requiring parent/guardian participation. Your partnership is essential.

FAQ    Scope and Sequence

Home/Community Activity

Cash, cabbage, paper, scratch, scrizzle, dineros, dough, whatever you want to call it, it's all means the same – it's cold hard cash. FINALLY!!! Now is your chance to help your students take a step in the direction of cash managing success. Not only will you help them gain a strong foundation for handling their own personal finances, you will learn to love the responsibility and power that goes with it. It's going to be awesome! Help your students earn a PASSPORT!!!