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FAQ    Scope and Sequence


Cash, cabbage, paper, scratch, scrizzle, dineros, dough, whatever you want to call it, it all means the same thing – it’s cold, hard cash. Finally!!! Now is your chance to take giant steps in the right direction on the path of cash managing success! Not only will you gain a strong foundation for handling your own personal finances, you will learn to love the responsibility and power that goes with it. You can even earn a Passport Certificate for your portfolio and scholarship applications.


Frequently Asked Questions – Answers for students

The program has two parts:

  1. Integrated Activities
    Each year at school, you will learn financial and economic concepts that will naturally flow with the core areas of math, social studies, and language arts.  In other words, it is partnering stuff you would be learning anyway, with the stuff the legislature (and you parents and teachers) knows you will need in the future.  For example, when learning addition, a student may be asked to show a savings account balance if $3 is deposited each month for 6 months along with a brief discussion about saving.  You will complete these assignments and activities in class or at home.
  2. Passport Completion
    To officially complete and earn a passport, you will be able to complete an activity at home or in the community.  The recognition for completion is optional and is up to your teacher and administrators.  A Passport may be earned at each K-12 grade level.
    • Does the Finance in the Classroom site provide information, resources, and ideas for parents/guardians?
      Absolutely!  Encourage your parents to be involved in the Economic and Financial Education program.  We have a special “Parent” section on the site which provides many quality resources.
    • How will the Financial and Economic Education Passport be tracked?
      You and your teachers will track the completion of your activities on a tri-fold document which is available above. The front will show your name and school, the inside will show the activities, assignments, and lessons completed with student and/or teacher comments.  The back panel have a suggested at-home or community activity. Have your parent or teacher sign off your activities as they are completed.  If you choose to complete the entire Passport, including the at-home or community activity, you will be responsible to return the signed tri-fold tracking document to your teacher.
    • What is the recognition/incentive for completing the Passport?
      This is totally up to your teacher!  The possibilities are endless.  Some teachers provide recognition at awards assemblies while others might give out movie tickets.  Ask your teacher if there are incentives at your school!

Please contact Travis Cook, Utah State Office of Education, (801) 538-7849.