Tenth Grade Passport

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Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult involvement at home or in your community.

Retirement Planning:

  • With your student, discuss your plans for retirement.  Give suggestions to your student of things they can do now to help them prepare for retirement.  Also, include things you wish you had done earlier.

Loans and Borrowing:

  • Take your student to a local financial institution.  Ask a loan manager to explain how loans work, focusing on the interest rate and the cost of borrowing.  (This information is also available online).


  • Discuss auto insurance with your child. Be sure to address the reasons for having automobile insurance, the cost of coverage, and the items that vary the premium. Share personal experiences and examples.


  • Have an open discussion with your student about bankruptcy. Discuss the pros and cons, as well as your personal opinions and experiences with it. If you know someone who has filed bankruptcy, refer to them and the choices that were made or the circumstances that led them to bankruptcy.

Addtional Activities: