Seventh Grade Passport

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Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult involvement at home or in your community.

Banking and Financial Services:

  • Take your student to a financial institution and ask a teller to explain the difference between an interest rate you earn and an interest rate you pay.  (Note: you want to earn a high interest rate and pay a low interest rate.)

Charitable Giving:

  • Have students clean out closets and garage to identify items that can be donated to charity.  Help the find the charity and deliver the donation.

Negative Consequences of Gambling:

  • Help students identify ways youth gamble and ways to avoid it.  Examples include betting on sporting events and not wearing a seatbelt.  Discuss the consequences of all forms of gambling.

Economic Reasoning:

  • Discuss with your child how money is spent in during a vacation. Address what types of decisions need to be made prior to leaving, and the alternatives considered when planning a vacation. Also include the issues of how much time can be taken off work, what season is best to go, transportation arrangements, opportunities to save, etc.

Addtional Activities: