Second Grade Passport

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Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult involvement at home or in your community.

Banking and Financial Services:

  • Take your child to a bank or credit union and explain the process for making deposits and withdrawals.

Loans and borrowing money:

  • Allow your student to borrow money from you, with the agreement that it will be paid back in the specified amount of time.


  • Help students identify ways to become more productive with their time. This could be choosing their school clothes the night before, packing their backpack and setting it by the door, a new way of doing chores, or doing a learning activity instead of watching TV.  Help the understand the benefits of being productive.

Saving and Investing:

  • Save a disposable plastic or metal cylinder with a plastic or fitted lid.  Assist your child in creating a savings can by decorating the outside with stickers, stamps, construction paper, etc.  Cut a slit in the lid and tape the lid on before covering the tape with decorations.  Encourage student to put all loose change in the can.  When it is full, help the student open a bank account to deposit the coins.

Scarcity and Choices/Goods and Services:

  • While in the grocery store, discuss the services that go into creating a particular good that is on your list.  For example, a dairyman who milks the cows and truck drivers who delivers the milk offer essential services in providing the good of milk.

Coin Recognition:

  • Play a Money Hunt game with your child.  You hide coins around the room.  On your signal, you indicate the type of coin the child is to find.  After 3-5 minutes, call off the hunt and help the child check to see if they found the right type of coin.

Addtional Activities: