Ninth Grade Passport

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Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult involvement at home or in your community.

Basic Budgeting:

  • Have students identify the categories of life where they spend money.  After tracking their spending for two weeks in each category, help them make a plan for their future spending.  Be sure to include saving in the plan.

Renting/Buying a Home:

  • In a discussion with your student, share your own personal experiences with housing.  Share with them details of renting or buying a home, things you are glad you did, and things you wish you hadn’t done.  Give them advice on renting and buying a home.

Identity Theft:

  • Help your student make arrangements to interview a parent, relative, or another adult who has been affected by identity theft. Have the student prepare ahead of time by writing ten question to ask during the interview. When the interview is complete, have a discussion about the long term impact that identity theft has on a consumer.


  • After helping your student identify five ways he/she can earn money onhis/her own, narrowit down to one thing than will be done. Make fliers together advertising the work your student will do and brainstorm possible clients who would be interested in hiring them. Give the fliers to the possible clients.

Online Commerce:

  • Allow your student to purchase an item online with your guidance and supervision.

Addtional Activities: