Fourth Grade Passport

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Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult involvement at home or in your community.


  • Help students identify and item they would like to save for.  Formulate a plan together to accomplish that goal.  If possible, take your student to the financial institution to open a savings account.

Supply and Demand:

  • Set up a situation or role play a situation where an item is in high demand.  An example is when there is only one cookie left in the cookie jar, everyone wants it.  Explain that the demand is high, supply is low, so the value of the cookie increases.
  • Next time you are running low on a household item (toilet paper, toothpaste, cereal) use it as an opportunity to explain supply and demand.  If there is a greater demand for something, the supply needs to go up.  If there is no demand (maybe a cereal that no one likes) then they do not need a large supply.


  • Help students identify people in their life who are entrepreneurs.  Discuss the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

Scarcity and Choices:

  • Assist student in determining an item in their school, classroom, or home that is scarce and identify choices that have to be made because of the scarcity.  For example, if scissors are scarce in their classroom, students may need to choose a different activity until scissors are available.

Addtional Activities: