Fifth Grade Passport

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Home/Community Activity
Your student should complete this activity with adult involvement at home or in your community.

Career Management:

  • Allow students to interview a relative or friend who has a career that is interesting to your student.  Help them determine aspects of the career that they would like and dislike.

Online Commerce:

  • Have a family discussion about benefits of making searches and purchases online. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online? Also discuss the precautions that need to be taken and the potential hazards of shopping online.

Scarcity and Choices:

  • Help students think of a choice they have made that was only because of a scarcity.

Economic Reasoning:

  • On your next shopping trip (groceries, gifts, clothes) have students help you approach the shopping with economic reasoning.  For example, when deciding on an item, find a cheaper alternative and have student justify and give reasons for purchasing which ever item is chosen.   

Addtional Activities: