Student financial literacy Passport

FAQ    Scope and Sequence

The Utah State Legislature has directed the public schools to help our students become more financially and economically literate through a K-12 integration model.  Specific financial and economic concepts to be integrated into core areas are identified in the legislation.  (To see a list of these concepts and the grade they will be addressed, click on Scope and Sequence, above).

Students will learn financial and economic concepts integrated into already existing curriculum in Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  In addition, students complete an at home/community activity to complete their passport.

This is where parents come in to the Passport program.  From the GET INVOLVED button, you will be able to see how you can help your child with the at home/community activity.  Children learn about money from many sources, but multiple studies have shown that parental modeling has the greatest influence. 
Finance in the Classroom provides:

For a complete description of the program, click on the FAQ above.