What is Finance in the Classroom?

What is Finance in the Classroom (FITC)?

Finance in the Classroom is an incredible website and much more!  The FITC program brings parents, teachers and community together to provide a strong financial education program for Utah students.  FITC encourages skilled teaching in the classroom supported by additional activities at home and in the community.  Student learning is promoted through fun, yet sound lessons resulting in student recognition through the Passport program.


You will have a great time integrating fun financial and economic concepts into already existing core.  You will be able to attend specific training that will guide you through involving parents and the community in this critical component of education.  All of the work has been done for you, so visit the website for lessons, activities, music, PowerPoints, fun facts, and more.


Through Finance in the Classroom, students become better prepared for the real world by engaging in fun interactive learning opportunities.  Resources are made available for student use, including online tutorials, printable documents, online games, videos, and more.  Students also have the opportunity to learn from community support and interaction.  Scholarships available also!


Parents are guided in taking a role in their students' financial education.  Discussion starters, activities to be completed cooperatively completed with the student and parent, training opportunities, suggested reading lists,  online tools, and open communication with participating teachers are available through Finance in the Classroom!

What will I find on the Finance in the Classroom website?

Information!  Lots of it - just take a look!







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