How Do I Get Started?

K-10: Use the FITC Tool Box (pdf) to guide you through the initial stages of becoming a Finance in the Classroom School.  The tool box includes teacher check lists, sample community and parent correspondence, donation forms, press releases, newsletter templates, incentive ideas, and more.

FITC Tool Box

11-12 grades:  All information for guiding your students to earn a Financial and Economic Education Passport Certificate is available by clicking on the General Financial Literacy Course Grades 11-12 tab at the left of this page (just under the green Teacher Resources tab).

  1. Review all resources listed in red at the top of the GFL page.
  2. Determine if proper endorsement is currently obtained.
  3. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Complete online or in person professional development.
  4. Click on the links to each of the standards 1-4 to review what will be taught in each one and to evaluate suggested teaching resources.  SEE TABS FOR EACH OBJECTIVE.
  5. Choose and use teaching resources that fit your teaching style and the learning styles of your students.
  6. As students demonstrate competency through out the semester, keep track of their progress for the performance test.
  7. When all standards and objectives have been taught, assess student learning with the objective test.