Professional Development

As of April 24, 2015


January - March 2016

April - June 2015

June 8-9 - Business/Marketing Summer Conference
June 17-18 - FACS Summer Conference

July - September 2015

August 2015 - Watch for General Financial Literacy Bootcamp required for teacher endorsement in your region.

September 3, 2015 - First day of Fall Session of Finance in the Classroom ONLINE Professional Development classes. Register early! 

October - December 2015



Discover has made a five-year, $10 million investment in financial education to ensure that students get the information they need to manage money and achieve brighter financial futures. Through its financial education program, Pathway to Financial Success, the company will be providing grants to schools to cover the cost of implementing or enhancing a personal finance course; giving them access to a standards-based curriculum developed by the Council for Economic Education; and offering teachers the training they need to deliver it.

Discover is offering grants to public high schools that implement substantial and measurable financial education curriculum.

To apply for a grant or get more information, visit and click on "Apply Now."